LED Track Lights

Lumiserve LED Track Lights are ideal for illuminating objects/artifacts in showrooms, malls, museums, stage, etc.

Lumiserve LED Track lights are very flexible to use. They can be easily adjusted to light up the desired object or area.

They have a simple mounting arrangement:  a track, on which the lamp can be moved and panned in the desired position.

Multiple Lamps can be mounted on single track, thus making the lighting project much convenient.

Our LED Track Lights reduce energy consumption by more than 80% as compared to conventional track lights for equivalent brightness and colour quality.


illuminating objects/artifacts in showrooms, malls, museums, stage, etc.


  • Ease of installation (can be installed almost anywhere)
  • Easy to focus and move. (Panning, Tilting and Moving of Light is possible due to its unique design)
  • Energy Saving
  • Eco-friendly (No mercury and hazardous material)
  • No Ultraviolet and Infrared Radiations
  • Higher Durability
  • Elegant Design
  • Precise Light Focus
  • High CRI LEDs
  • LED Trackers
    LED Track Lights


    Model no. LS TK 20W
    Power 20W
    Lumens 2000
    Input Voltage 85 – 265 V AC ; 50/60 Hz
    CCT 3500 K (Warm White) / 4500 K (Neutral White) / 6500 K (Cool White)
    CRI > 80
    Beam Angle 45 Degree
    Body Material Aluminium
    Track Length 1m to 2m


    Replaces 80-100W Halogen Track Light.






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