LED Solar Street Lights

Utilize the power of sun to enlighten your lives !!

Lumiserve LED Solar Street Lights are Off-Grid systems and offer uniform lighting while conserving energy.  These LED Street Lights are powered by highly efficient Solar Photo-voltaic Panels. These Panels charge the system Battery with the help of a Charge Controller Circuit. These Street Lights are IP65 Rated. They deliver bright light with high colour rendering while saving a considerable amount of energy as compared to conventional sodium vapour, metal halide or fluorescent street lamps.


  • High Power LEDs generating cool white light
  • CRI > 75
  • Luminaire Efficacy of >85 lm/W
  • 50000 Hours lifetime
  • Pressure Die Cast Aluminum housing
  • Ingress protection of IP 65
  • Toughened Glass Cover
  • In-built Charge Controller-cum-Driver
  • No UV / IR Radiations
  • Eco-Friendly (Does not contain Mercury)
  • Durable (Solid State Lighting)
  • Secondary Optics (Lens) Optional

Lumiserve LED Solar Street Lights



Model No. LS SOL SL 12W
Power of Luminaire 12W
Type Off-Grid
Battery 75 AH Dry Battery / Lead Acid Battery
Solar PV Panel 75 Wp with 20 years Lifetime
Pole 12 ft. height
Cables Included
Battery Box Included
Autonomy 2-3 days


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