LED Flood Lights

Choose Lumiserve LED Flood Lights to brighten up your area as per your desire!

Lumiserve LED Flood Lights are an energy saving alternative to traditional High Pressure Sodium/Mercury or Halogen Lights.

They are available in assortment of colors like:

Cool White, Warm White, Neutral White, Blue, Red, Green, etc.

Our Flood Lights have wattages from 30W to 300W.


  • Parking
  • Facade Lighting
  • Sports Area Lighting
  • Township Area Lighting
  • Wall Washers
  • Pathway/walkway lighting
  • Industrial lighting
  • Warehouse/shopfloor space lighting


  • High Power LEDs
  • CRI > 80
  • Luminaire Efficacy of >85 lm/W
  • 50000 Hours lifetime
  • Pressure Die Cast Aluminum housing
  • Ingress protection of IP 65
  • Toughened Glass Cover
  • In-built power unit
  • No UV / IR Radiations
  • Eco-Friendly (Does not contain Mercury)
  • Durable (Solid State Lighting)
  • Secondary Optics (Lens) Optional
Specifications: Lumiserve LED Flood Lights
LED Flood Lights
Lumiserve LED Flood Light

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