We are the manufacturers of high quality LED lights for both Indoor and Outdoor use. Our Products go through a rigorous Quality Control Procedure so that our customers get only the best LED products.

Below are some of our main products. We are also engaged in Customized LED Lighting Solutions.

LED Panel Lights - Square

LED Square Panel Lights

LED Panel Lights - Round

LED Round Panel Lights

LED High Bay Lights

Power: 50W to 200W

LED Flood Lights

Power: 30W to 150W

LED Track Lights

Power: 20W

LED Tube Lights : T8 Retrofit

Power: 20W

LED Tube Lights : T8 Baton

Power: 5W, 10W, 20W, 40W

LED Tube Lights : T5 Baton

Power: 20W

LED Bulbs

Power: 5W, 7W, 9W

LED Troffer Lights [2x2 Panel Lights]

Power: 40W

LED Street Lights

Power: from 9W to 120W

Solar Street Lights

Power: 9W to 20W

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